Belly Dance Wellness

Belly dance is an ancient artistic movement that is adjustable to low or high impact. It stimulates creativity, body confidence, and body awareness.   –Classes and workshops are on the EVENTS page.

Physical activity is essential for health. Exercise and movement reduces risk of major diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles and it reduces stress. Weight-bearing exercise helps to strengthen bones and muscle. This can improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. Exercise moves lymphatic fluid and aids deeper breathing.

I would recommend this to those who have conflicts with the beliefs and practice of yoga.

Belly dance is a fun way to exercise and express yourself. Posture is improved. Belly dance has long been connected with women’s health from menstruation and child birth, as it  relieves tension, help alleviate pelvic congestion, and tone deep pelvic muscles.  The movements are especially compatible with a woman’s body (Guys, you can benefit too) and the gentle motions support flow of synovial fluid in the joints which allow for comfortable motion. —a wonderful addition to your holistic practice!

I began dancing in 2002 and started teaching in 2018, when I received certification. Currently, I teach workshops that are hosted by The Phoenix Arts Center in downtown Uniontown, PA. And The Phoenix Arts Center on Facebook here.

Workshops are suitable for the absolute beginner who has never danced to experienced belly dancers. We welcome all who want to learn the dance. This is child- and family-friendly. I have ages 7 or 8 to the “wise women” come to dance(Gentlemen are welcome to attend.)  Multiple generations have attended class. It is great to see grandmother, mother, and maiden dance together.  Workshops are held once a month.

Workshops available:

Introduction to Belly Dance- The Absolute Beginner

In this class, we learn foundations, basic moves,  combinations, and a brief choreography.

Belly Dance- Your Expression Through Motion

Creative and flowing motions, improvisation, and a getting in touch with your imagination. Costuming and performance is discussed.

Belly Dance and Energy Healing

Belly dance can awaken the lower chakras (Root and Sacral), flow energy through the aura, release energy, and heal on energetic, emotional and spiritual levels. We touch on the deeper meaning of movement.

Tribal and Gypsy Fusion

Earthy, eclectic styles: Tribal fusion blends folkloric American Tribal Style (ATS) and classic cabaret style with modern elements of breakdance, hip hop, modern, vaudeville, and imagination.

Belly Dance and Energy Work: The Sacral Chakra, the Hara & the Violet Flame

18+ Women only.  This workshop focuses on the energy of the navel area- the root of belly dance and source of life; Energy of freedom and manifestation with the sacral chakra, which is the juiciest of chakras concerned with relationships to self and others; the Hara line is the energy from what the aura energy field emerged; the Violet Flame (7th Divine Ray) expresses through the sacral chakra and has the power of Divine Transmutation. Not a typical belly dance class, this workshop teaches about how energy can be stuck and transformed. Belly dance movements that focus on the lower body are integrated. Open mind and maturity are required for the subject material. Information is sourced from teachings on chakras, energy work, metaphysics and the encyclical “Theology of the Body.”


More to come….

Teaching private groups is available: No all-male parties.  Children are welcome to participate.  Adequate, safe space to dance is required.  Participants will need to review and sign a waiver for their safety.  Workshops may run 2 hours long.

Every gig is going to be unique, so contact me with your ideas and negotiate the details.

At this time, I am teaching only and not for hire as a performer.

See my article Belly Dance: Physical and Mental/Emotional Benefits is a great resource for belly dance information.



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