Reiki vs. LifeForce Energy work

  Reiki LFEH
Origin Ancient Tibetan art of healing, rediscovered in Japan by Mikao Usui, during the late 19th  century Created by Barbara Ann Brennan, through personal abilities and guidance. Master Healer, Deborah King further expanded the technique.
Energy used Universal chi, transmitted by laying on of hands, on or off the body, using positions on chakras and major articulations  Frequency associated with violet light

Energy channeled through

chakras 7 (crown) to 4th  (heart) then through hands.  Some teachers, but not all, teach grounding so that Earth energy is also tapped into

Universal chi, transmitted by laying on of hands, on or off the body, using positions on chakras and major articulations.

Full spectrum of healing energy used, including drawing energy up from the Earth.

Energy channeled through all chakras 7 (crown) to 1st  (root) then through hands while the practitioner is deeply grounded

Training 3 or 4 levels, 1 to 2 days in each level, total of about 32-50 hours of training, depending on the teacher.

Some teachers give homework and follow up.

Attending workshops, personal growth and awareness training, certification requires 12 months of at least 4 documented healing sessions that are turned in. Must attend 2 live workshops in that year.
Higher levels require one-on-one training.
Initiations A total of 8 initiations over the 4 levels (7 if learned in 3 levels) that are powerful catalysts for opening energy channel and personal transformation No initiations.

4 years of intensive work on self and learning energy techniques- Brennan Healing.
LFEH may be a few years to several years based on the individual.

Leads to deep contact with self and other and opening of energy channels

Symbols Symbols are used to intensify the treatment and to do distance healing No symbols
Distance Healing Yes Yes
Work in the Energy Field Mostly on the first 4 levels of the energy field Cellular awareness on the physical level.

Work on the 7 levels of the

energy field and beyond.

Work in Hara (intention) and

Essence dimensions

Modality of energy flow Simply allow energy to flow where it needs to Various modes of energy transfer, as required.  Deep contact and effortless intention.

Practitioner is on “allow,” but knows when to wisely use intentionality.


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