Andréa Kremposky

Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Life Force Energy HealerBio Pic

Member: American Herbalists Guild

At age 18, I joined with my mom, a registered nurse, to have our business practice of holistic and nutritional consultation. Our basis came from the medical professionals giving up on her during years of environmental illness and chemical sensitivity. She could not go into stores or be around fumes, perfumes… and she was electromagnetically sensitive. With the help of a chiropractor who used acupuncture and other holistic methods, she had a complete recovery. We learned quite a bit from Dr. Jeff.  I had the opportunity to use my skills while as a full-time caregiver for my grandmother.

My desire is to put my experiences into practice to help others.

My areas are:
Herbalism, applied kinesiology (muscle energy response testing), nutrition, flower essences, aromatherapy, and energy healing modalities (taught by Donna Eden, Deborah King, Barbara Brennan), mind-body medicine, homeopathic remedies, cooking, and physical activity through belly dance.
Stress/relaxation response and its effect on the health is a key component.

Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (holistic) at American College of Healthcare Sciences [U.S. Department of Education Accredited institution].
Certified Life Force Energy Healer in 2016;
Certified Belly Dance Instructor in 2018.

Along with local clients, I have done distance sessions with people as far as South Korea and Australia.

Based in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.


What’s in a name?
Drémari, pronounced “DRAY-mär-ee” (“dray” like ray; “mar” like far; ee like the letter E.) This sort of came to me when I wanted a unique and simple business name. It is a combination of my first and middle names. Later on, it was brought to my attention that the name meanings are Strength/ courage and beloved. Both meanings fused together in one word

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