Wellness Coaching

Evaluation, assessment, physiology, health history, and goals are used to design your personal wellness plan.

This involves client interview, detailed questionnaires, and research.
From this, I make recommendations.
The WHOLE PERSON is considered: Physical, Chemistry, Mind, and Emotions.

In the model I am experienced in, Mind, Emotions, and Energy can create a charge or neuropathway, which may lead to changes in Chemistry, then that develops to the Structure (Physical).
Shifts in Chemistry can influence Structure and Energy.
Shifts in Structure can influence Energy and Chemistry.

!!PLEASE NOTE!!: This is not a medical evaluation or care, nor is it intended to replace evaluation or diagnosis, nor is it intended to “treat” or “cure.”
This service should be complementary, in addition to, and integrative to the care and wellness work you are doing or choosing to implement.

By providing what the body needs, the individual’s unique biochemical and physiological systems can come into their own harmonious balance.

Expect to find what systems are out of balance and potential root causes of issues  and supplementary, dietary, and lifestyle support recommendations.
It is not a “one & done” approach.

Functional wellness addresses finding the Root Cause and how it plays a role in current health, as we work with the presenting issue.

What I Use:
Assessment forms to find out possible body system imbalances and weak areas of constitution,
Direct-to-client lab work (or lab results from your licensed healthcare provider),
Hair mineral analysis,
Observation of face, hair, skin and nails,
and Client interview,
which may get into what was going on or experience before or during development of dis-ease or disharmony.

Recommendations can be:
Nutritional Supplements
Foods or eliminating certain foods
Lifestyle changes
Exercise/physical activity
Techniques to aid wellness and energy flow
and Referrals.

True change can take anywhere from 3 months to 12 months.
During this time, I will have regular sessions to coach you, find out the challenges that arise and how to find solutions, and suggest any further changes.

Working with a coach helps to keep you on track and monitor wellness and results.

If this interests you, check out the Services page or the Client Assessment Application.
Feel free to Contact me with questions.

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