Energy Work

Also called Energy Healing and Energy Medicine.
For the energy  Consent Agreement for Energy Work click. -MUST agree before I can work with you.

Benefits of Energy Healing:

  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Deep feeling of relaxation
  • Increase in energy and vitality
  • Non-invasive way to clear, charge and balance your energy field
  • Increased mindfulness
  • Relaxed state aids the healing process
  • Stress reduction

Energy Healing can be part of your self-care regimen.

Energy work is non-invasive, clearing, balancing, and charging to the subtle energy bodies. Energy work can take many forms:   acupuncture, hands-on healing, realignment, reconnection, energy balance, qigong, Traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique among the names and types of practice.

My technique does NOT use symbols. In a session, a client may find that symbols previously placed by another practitioner may be holding the energy from evolving and will be ready to be removed, which only will be done if the client WANTS them removed. At a later time, you can call the symbols back, if you desire.

Energy Session Report Example here.

Everything is energy and energy is everything.  It can’t be created or destroyed, but can be transformed. Frequencies and vibration of thoughts and emotions have an impact on physical health.  Most often, people who implement energy medicine show results first in lab results such as blood work. Physical healing can happen immediately, but can also tend to be that last part to heal. It typically goes Energy then Chemistry and then Structural. Any results are unique to the individual and complementary to the other healing work they choose. Therefore, I cannot make claims about what a session will do.

healing hands

Many practitioners use hands-on forms that require a client to be in the room with them. There are no time and space constraints for energy and its healing capabilities. Therefore, a trained practitioner can have effective sessions with a client across time zones, countries, and continents. The distance sessions can even be more effective due to not having any tension or anxiety that may occur with being in a room with a person.

For distance healing, you both agree on a set time for the session to take place. Treat it like you would an in-person session: Avoid distractions such as internet, phones, tasks and people. Relax in a comfortable place. Set your intention that an energy healing session is taking place. For the client, you intend that the practitioner has permission to work on you. It is also important for the client to have someone, in any technique, which they are comfortable with.

Energy healing has the ability to transform disease conditions into health, but the client must also do their part. As in all holistic personal healing, responsibility and charge is placed in the hands of the client. A good practitioner allows the client to govern their own care.  Allopathic medical care may be necessary. Energy medicine will not adversely impact, only compliment. There are no dangerous side effects to energy medicine. The most common comment is a sense of deep relaxation. There can be times a client gets a headache or other discomfort. This is something that the body sees fit to clear in this manner. It is best not to suppress symptoms as you can do so.  This is called a healing crisis (Herxheimer reaction). You can have many health improvements afterward. The body eliminates what is does not want when it gets what it needs. Then, the body with its innate intelligence corrects itself into balance.

Energy medicine ranges from the most simple to very intricate and detailed.  A basic session certainly looks and seems like not a whole lot is going on, but beneath conscious awareness many changes can take place. It is important to note that every person is energetically, emotionally and biochemically different. For example, heart conditions in one person may be an entirely different cause in another. Same is true with arthritis, cancer, a sore ankle, et cetera. You do not have to have a manifested physical ailment to benefit from energy medicine. Healthy people can use energy sessions as part of their self-care and maintenance.

The main techniques I learned are based on Barbara Brennan’s work as further developed and taught by Deborah King. We all have the capacity to be healers, naturally. It is recommended some techniques are best learned under guidance.  I do have natural ability PLUS the training and required practice of 12 months with a minimum of 4 sessions each month that had to be documented and submitted for review and attending workshops in order to be considered and approved for certification, which I met.  I have been doing energy sessions since 2012.

In my work, I tend to sense color in the aura.  I first started being aware of seeing auras when I was around 10-12 years old, but have had strong senses from others long before that. The colors I pick up can be the aura or healing energy. I first learned how to work with energy by muscle/energy testing at 8 years old.

In session, I find out what the energy field wants as far as the technique/method.  I go as I am guided, so you may have any number of the methods in a session.

Some of the Types of energy work that I to do:

  • Chelation– A method that clears, charges, and balances the whole human energy field.
  • Radiant healing- Using vibration match (resonance) to balance the main energy centers of the body
  • Spinal Flush– Neurolymphatic points along the spine are activated to release debris.
  • Channeling Energy– I act as a conduit while the Divine Energy does its work. I have been doing this since 2011, when it came to me.
  • Aura clearing- This removes blockages and energetic debris in the human energy field and can work on repairing damage. The debris may be old emotional remnants, energetic “scars” from surgeries or injuries which tore the body’s energy field, energy that another stuck to you, and a wide variety of other things.
  • Clearing Trapped Energies- I work on an issue to find trapped energies and unprocessed energies that are preventing proper energy flow. They can be obvious, hidden, walled, or inherited. This type of work is connected with the 12 Meridians.

For more information on energy work, contact me at or on the Contact me page.

More Types of Energy Work found here.

Allow at least an hour. A report of the session is written up. I do an intake prior to session scheduling and there is a follow up to review the report.

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