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Holistic Belly Dance: Movement Meditation

Online Video Class

In the NOTE Section, please write HOLISTIC BELLY DANCE MOVEMENT MEDITATION, your Name, and Email.
I will send you an invoice for the course. Once it is paid, I will email you the course Log In information. Allow time for me to send the email.
Lifetime access to the class and any updates/additions.

By purchasing this online class, you acknowledge that you agree to the Terms of Use.

If you
-have trouble with sitting and meditating
– want to experience the mystical side of belly dance,
-or even add to your practice if you are already a dancer,
this is something you will enjoy.


-Increased confidence in body and mind
-Increased creativity
-Gain body awareness
-Improve body coordination
-Connection with your inner guidance
-Relaxation and openness

Understand and balance multiple energy systems (Sacral chakra, Hara, and more) while creating a meditative state with dance.

Video course, watch on YOUR schedule, at your pace.
2+ hours of material.
Language: English

Multiple videos broken down. I have teaching and practice sections.

Movements are simple. You can even do them sitting if needed.

I combine belly dance, movement meditation and energy healing techniques.

I take you through basic moves and isolations, which trains the move into the muscle memory with practice.
The movements increase the mind-body coordination.

We dive into the history and theory to set the foundation for Holistic Belly Dance.

Class is in two main parts:
Then, Practice.
You will have the foundation and tools to create your personal Belly Dance Movement Meditation practice.

Turn on a song that moves you and use the techniques while you move with the song. That’s about 5 minutes. (But you’ll probably end up doing it for an hour –and proud of it!)

Preview Clips are available at my YouTube channel.
I do encourage you to watch the clips before purchase so that you know exactly what the videos look like.

Consult your healthcare provider before beginning any program.
Caution with pregnancy and certain heart conditions: Energy work may be contraindicated or require modification.

By purchasing you agree that you are able to do movements, or modify them depending on your need, safely. You agree that you will not hold Andrea Kremposky DBA Dremari Holistic Wellness liable for freely participating and applying the information in this class.
Please contact me with any questions before you purchase.
**NO REFUNDS for Online Classes and digital products. **

Coming Soon:

This online video class is coming next… a “mini-class” for $19.

Like and Follow my Facebook page or other social media to know when it is ready.

I am a “kitchen goddess” who follows traditional diet guidelines.

We will learn how we are overfed and undernourished, our dysfunctional relationship with food, selecting the best choices in our food, energetics of eating (effect on the body’s energy systems), food combining, and more.

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