Client Assessment Application

Would you like to work with me?

Please fill out the Client Assessment Application below.

If selected, you will be notified in 3-6 business days. Check your SPAM folder.

Please notify me if any part of the form, link, or email malfunctions. If you were directed here after contacting me, please fill out this form.

Please watch this short video on WHY I use the Assessment Application:

Accepted applications get a brief 15-20 minute call to review and follow up with any questions for my consideration. 

This is NOT a sales call.  
My prices are fully visible on the Services & Prices page.

I do not give advice without the Client Agreement forms being signed and an Assessment being done.

This is an overview look into 1. the nature of your desire to work with me,  2. evaluating if the issue in within my scope of practice, 3. if another practitioner or modality would be better suited.

The consent form, detailed intake, and assessment forms are sent ONLY after acceptance as a client and the payment is received.  You can view the Client Assessment Sample here -used in the Holistic Wellness Assessments and Coaching.

You will get a “Message Sent” with your answers in print on this page when you Submit the form successfully.
I will respond/contact a limit of 1 time.  If I do not hear from you after the application submission or interest in being a client. If there is no further response, it will be understood that you no longer wish to work with me or be contacted.

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