Energy Session Report Example

This is what your energy session report may look like.  When I work, I am on “allow” and typically not deciphering what is happening.
Report used with permission.

Report of Findings for Energy Healing Session:

Preliminary Scan:  Before starting, I sense anything that stands out; methods to use


1 Root- clockws

2. Sacral- straight L-R

3. Solar Plexus- clockws, very wide and fast. Overactive.

4. Heart- elliptical clockws, lower R- upper L

5. Throat- active BUT counterclockws

6. Brow- clockws (peach tone)

7. Crown- very wide clockws. Bright white light. I hear, “You are grounded, by the way.”

Sometimes, drawn to check Soul Star, the 8th chakra above head


[Numbers are the chakras.  Session may be more detailed].

Feet- red. R ankle/foot- lavender.  L knee/hip- orange. Lots of time here. Stuff pulled out.  1/L hip- “Now in the dark (/deep) magic.”

1/ 2-  White in 1. Deep cobalt in 2.

3/ 4- Green/blue sparkling swirling energy mists at 4. God energy (pink) enters Heart through thymus.

4/ 5- Very green.  “Speak the healing truth.”

Head (6, 7 combined)- White light triangle starts at 3rd eye and goes to hair line.  Gifts of sight and perception.  Purple (darker purple) disk halo above soft spot on skull.  Carrying sorrows. Going back down.  Tiny white flowers with stems, leaves strewn all over.

Golden Grid.  Several passes.  Aura expanded.

Crystal- contains both purple and orange tones. Fuchsite/ calcite? F- c- -“-site” [Ametrine]

Red comes to lips. Speak passion, truth. Body elevated up. Greens and blues. Hand chakras glow gold.  Heart and hands.     Golden wings on the back.  “Take your place among them.”  Guide- looks like a Merlin in robes. Holding space. Rest in Spirit. Next one in 30 days or 3 weeks (?).   Sealed, closed.  Aura shimmering, glimmering soft iridescent.

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