More Types of Energy Work

I am also certified in:

  • Akashic Records– The energetic Hall of Records.
  • Angels– Working with the angelic realms.
  • Astral work– Using the astral plane.
  • Healing Mediumship– Our spirit family and friends can aid us in our healing, resolving old issues. Whether it is really spirit or a deep part of our minds, techniques use dialogue, writing, and re-scripting our story to heal our blockages.
  • Power of Prayer– It is simple and powerful. Using prayer as a tool.
  • Space clearing– methods of clearing energy from your living space.
  • Spirit Guide Coaching– Teaching to work with Higher Self, Angels, Ancestors, Professional guides, Ascended Masters.
  • Shadow work– Going into your shadow side can bring deep, transformative energy. It can be a challenging process, but I will help guide you through.

These methods are coached. I teach how to use them and the principles of doing so safely.

I can also do oracle card work alongside. I do not claim to be a psychic reader; I work with energy.    My aim is to put the power in your hands and teach ethical ways of using spiritual energy.

My rate for coaching with any of these methods is $60/hour. The minimum time is 30 minutes -$30.

See my Contact me page or Energy Work to find out more.


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