Wellness with the Natural Cycles

In our modern life, we have separated ourselves from the natural cycles of rest and work, darkness and light, action and rest, growth and decline. We have rigid schedules, diets, and –some of us- have daylight savings time changes like we control the daylight. Our ancestors had to work with the cycles of light and dark, cold and warm to thrive.

Photo courtesy of rabedirkwennigsen, Pixabay

I had so much to do and deadlines to meet.  Once Samhain/All Saints/All Souls came and went, my body wanted rest.  I felt the desire to only rest and meditate. The urge was to go within. If you follow Dr. Athena Perrakis (Sage Goddess), she says one great way to help adrenal fatigue is to rest in the winter when the days are short. This is true as the growth cycle slows or halts. The harvest is past for this year. There is still life in the roots, dormant. For me, I feel that this is the rest after the growing season. Too, I have had adrenal burn-out for several years, which has been quite a process to heal. Once the winter solstice comes and the days begin to grow longer, I suspect I will kick in to gear and get those projects planned and done.

This is a great time for planning! As I write this, the new moon is on the 7th of December. Each new moon, I write intentions for the next moon cycle (short term), weeks, months, or years to come (long term).

Photo courtesy cuncon, Pixabay

For health and wellness, you can look into eating with the seasons and also working the growth/rest principles, I described above, into your exercise and lifestyle. I recommend Staying Healthy With the Seasons Paperback – Deluxe Edition, April 23, 2003 by Elson M. Haas for reference about diet and seasons.  This was a recommended book in one of my Complementary Alternative Medicine degree classes. Our family friend/ chiropractor/ applied kinesiologist/licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Jeff, would guide us what to eat based on the 5-season theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). (If you know anything about “seasonal” energy, you realize that energy can shift quite a bit and doesn’t play by “Earth season” rules!) I support intuitive eating where you pay attention to what your body needs at any time, which you can sort of think mindful eating is worked in. But, the seasonal approach gives ideas how to be in tune with the natural cycles.

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