Rest in the Winter

January is a when people go all-in with their New Year’s resolutions. 

People are at the gyms in droves, on strict diets, and having a complete overhaul of their lives. They are being active and doing all they can to improve their lives.

That is truly commendable.

Many will trail off.  They slip away from working out and nudge back to their dietary habits.

Some will make it through. Some will abandon their resolutions.
I have a theory on this.
Winter is when nature is resting. It has not ceased, but is slowed down, conserving energy and going inward. Animals are hibernating at this time. The grass hasn’t grown.

If you want to be well, feel good, and get to success, use this time to rest.

Winter is a time of planning and strategizing as the days begin to get longer and the growing season of spring will come quickly.
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In January, winter here in the northern half of the Earth, use this time for self-care and replenishment.
One of my teachers has said that if you want to alleviate burnout is to rest in the winter.

Those prone to burn-out, burning the candle at both ends, and any form of adrenal fatigue can benefit by taking more time to rest and get more sleep.

Get more sleep: take naps; try to increase sleep hours, even if it is a few days per week when you can add a few hours.  Learn to go in and listen to your body. Do things, but release yourself from the “go, go, go!” pressures.

Sleep and rest seems counter-intuitive to some.
Sleep allows the body to heal, restore, and regenerate. Rest is a natural balance to activity. You grow in the rest cycle.

For those who are going to the gym or working out, I have a tip- I do this. Try 4 days on, and 3 days off. Muscles repair the micro tears and get stronger in those “recovery” days.

Another tip: For you going to gyms this winter, take advantage of saunas and hot tubs.
Home gym people: Epsom salt baths (or foot soaks– the body is represented through the feet- and, if you don’t have a good tub or have mobility problems) for at least 20 minutes is relaxing and rejuvenating.
Water and warmth are key elements for winter wellness.

Many people take medicines to stop symptoms when they are sick so they can continue their activity.
REST! This is the body’s signal to you that it is trying to fight something off. And, the people around you will appreciate not having an actively sick person present.

What do you need to revitalize yourself?

You can search, ask holistic practitioners like me (we can help you evaluate and create a personal wellness plan based on your history, physiology, and goals), read the articles, and see all the suggestions on social media.
But, YOU are the only one that can truly know what it is you are called to. Seek the advice, but listen to yourself.

As you are resting and caring for your needs, come up with what you want to do and accomplish. Where do you want to see yourself in April? –in July? –in October? –in December?

How can you get there?
Come up with where you want to go, what you want to experience this year.
Then, seek the first small steps to get there: One action done consistently until it becomes comfortable.

Comment below how you are implementing your changes in the New Year and/or how you are honoring the need for rest in the winter.

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