Blackberry Herb

I am continuing with the genus Rubus.

Now, we take a look at blackberry.
I go over the herbal medicine basics.
Then, I get into the Flower Essence properties.  If you have procrastination patterns and trouble manifesting, Blackberry may be for you.

Rubus Fructicosus

Blackberry has some similarities to Red Raspberry.

It has a high tannin content, which give the astringent action to dry up excess secretions.
Like Red Raspberry, there is a sour component that tones wet conditions. Action is cooling and drying.

Mucous membranes
Female reproductive blackberries-3481349__340

Herbal Properties:

Mouth sores
Gums, loose and/or bleeding
Sinus drainage
Menorrhagia (prolonged and/or heavy menstrual flow)


Blackberry root is used where the higher amount of tannin is needed, which aids slowing diarrhea.  –Is used to slow or stop diarrhea in children.  [Children get a much lower dose. Consult an herbal professional to find out proper use.]

Leaves have a significant tannin content as well.

For used to aid excess sinus drainage, I would use blackberry in a blend with other herbs.
Blackberry is not used for a uterine tonic and pregnancy in the manner Red Raspberry is. For that purpose, I do not consider the two herbs interchangeable.

Be sure you are certain the Rubus you are using by checking the Latin name on the container or ingredients.

In Chinese medicine the yin aspect of Blackberry was thought to tone the whole body.

Contains: Vitamins A and C (berries are rich in vitamin C), calcium, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and iron.

No serious adverse reactions reported.
Due to the high tannin content, long-term use can stress or damage kidneys and liver. Limit use to no longer than 2 weeks.

You can take capsules, tincture, tea (for leaves), or decoction (for the roots). Fresh leaves can be chewed to soothe gums. Do not collect from plants near a roadside where the plant can intake exhaust fumes or where pesticides are sprayed.

Leaf tea: 8 oz. boiling water over 1 Tablespoon of fresh leaf or 1 teaspoon of dried leaf. Steep 5-8 minutes.
Root decoction: Boil 1 teaspoon of dried root in 12 oz. water in a stainless steel or glass pot for 10 minutes. You can allow the root to steep an additional 10 minute before straining.

A poultice of the leaves can be applied to burns or hemorrhoids.


This is where we get into the Energetic Wisdom of the plant.
I absolutely love working with flower essences.

Flower essences are made from the FLOWER of the plant. It is essentially an herbal energy medicine and is slightly different, but similar to, homeopathic remedies.

Flower essences work on the subtle energy body on the emotional level.

Blackberry flower essence is a good choice when you find it hard to put thoughts and inspirations into ACTION, fear creates inaction or lethargy, procrastination, cannot manifest.

With the positive Blackberry qualities, you can find yourself taking action, able to create and manifest your goals, desires, and plans, intentions are clear, ability to direct your Will, procrastination patterns melt away and you find yourself taking on tasks that were put off.


Blackberry pies were traditionally baked to celebrate the first harvest, usually on August 1 in the northern hemisphere.

Where the blackberry bush makes a natural arch, it is said to heal if you crawl through it. There are serval ways to do that, so it would depend what aligns with the person doing the crawling. It is said to heal joint diseases, skin eruptions, and hernias. [I cannot prove for or against; just relaying some beliefs and practices.]

Blackberry is also believed to be protective. The thorns kept those with bad intentions out, while keeping your prosperity secure.

Brigid is the associated deity, who is said to be a healer.  St. Bridget is also the patroness who intercedes for healing.

Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Zodiac: Scorpio
Properties: Healing, Protection, Wealth


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