Hip-notic Motion Belly Dance Classes July 2022

In-person belly dance class is BACK in Uniontown, PA!

Holistic Belly Dance at OmBody Massage and Wellness.

Learn hip work foundations to increase coordination, control, and range of motion to execute beautiful expressive movements in belly dance.

The hips are the focus and we will add more movements progressively.

Over 20 years, hip articulation and flow became a core of my dance style.
I share her knowledge of technique, drills, and isolations to build your own style and practice.

Holistic belly dance incorporates dance theory, dance history, energy work, mind, body, spirit, and practice.

We start with Getting in Touch with the Hips and addressing where I have seen beginning students struggle and work on getting the feel of the hips.

From there, each lesson goes deeper into hip movements: Slow and controlled; faster movements and shimmies, combinations; and mystical dance.

At the end of each class we will have free dance time for extra instruction and dancing for enjoyment. 

I am excited to share the beautiful art of belly dance with you

Be sure to REGISTER for class.

REGISTER and Pay HERE on OmBody’s Schedulicity App:
LINK –> Here

You can find out more on my Facebook page.

I am also available for distance energy healing sessions:

-My standard sessions
-Light Language/Light Code
-Essence Retrieval

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Also, join me on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Telegram and YouTube.
See the Shop page for my online self-study video classes.

You can donate through PayPal HERE


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