One Small Thing: Using Small Changes to Create Consistent Holistic Wellness Goals

My Philosophy: One Small Thing

Pick one small thing.  Pick 1. Do it. Do it consistently. Do it until it becomes a habit (usually, it takes about 21 days to form a habit). Do it until the habit is natural for you.
Then… pick the next thing.
The psychology is that the mind and body will resist change. The old pattern feels safe.

Having 1 thing done consistently allows the mind to adapt and get comfortable. Doing 1 thing well also instills a sense of accomplishment, which fuels future changes because you have excitement and not a sense of drudgery.

This is how I work with clients looking to make wellness changes: Make SMALL changes & new habits consistently.
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If you get off track, just get back on. Do not berate yourself. Make note of what gets you off track and try again. Try again as many times as you need to. Everything takes practice.

Those who want a whole change right now, with the extra-big bottles of supplements, complete dietary overhauls have ceased in a week. They take a few supplements and the bottles end up on the counter collecting dust. The healthy diet returns to the old ways. The money is spent, they give up, and then they try out the next quick-fix fad or trend. The cycle of “next quick-fix” continues.

Start small!
Add a few supplements recommended in your personal wellness plan and get into the habit of using them consistently. Integrate the lifestyle and dietary changes in the wellness plan slowly.
Build a little more and a little more.

If you are drinking sugary beverages, but one out, replacing with pure water until you prefer water over the sugary drink.
Same with changing your diet and any practice you want to take on to improve your life.

You are training your body, and your mind, to adapt to a new pattern. After some time, the new habits feel natural and you start to see and feel the process to the outcome.

You have heard the adage “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
It does.
First, you have to take that step.
You will likely not be at your destination right after that first step. You have to take the second step.

When you take small steps, you get measurable progress.

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