Flower Essences: What They Are and How to Use Them

What are Flower Essences and How to Use Them

“Oh, these are essential oils.”
“That must smell good.”

These are the most common responses I get for mentioning or having my flower essences displayed.
At an event, I had my custom-created flower essences displayed and was made aware of how they are misunderstood.

They are NOT essential oils.
They have NO scent.

“What are they for?” you ask.

Yes, they are “plant medicine.”
But, they are not herbal medicine like using an herb capsule or tincture to create a chemical/physical change.

Instead, they work on the mental/emotional level.
They match mental/emotional process to the positive flower quality energy. This creates a shift from negative (or low frequency) to the positive, desired energy (or high frequency).

Imbalances can stem from our unique life challenges, trauma, abuse, bullying, and conditioning. The wisdom the flowers contain aid us in patterning the energetic pathways.
You must continue doing the work: Seek the help, work though challenges, and take care of yourself.

In energy work jargon, we call the non-physical aspects of the body (mental, emotional, energetic, etc.) the “subtle bodies.”

In practices like holistic wellness (Traditional Chinese Medicine, mind-body health, and more), emotions and mindset are also a part of health.

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Here’s an example:

Someone is in a leadership role. They are strong-willed, can get the job done, but will completely miss perspectives from other people. They strong will they possess has a blinding effect when others have ideas or concerns. The standards they hold regarding projects and people can be too high and uncompromising.

This can lead to misunderstandings.

For this personality, I would choose a blend. For simplicity, I would go with Sunflower essence. It helps balance the force of will. The over-bearing aspects are softened. They are more able to display leadership that honors other people involved.
(If you’re curious, the other flower essences I chose are Heather- listening/empathy, Impatiens- patience, Vervain- respect for others, and Vine- balancing leading and stepping back to let others shine.)

In my experience in herbal work, you have the overactive (hot) and the underactive (weak or cold).
Flower essences are the same to me.
Sunflower, from the example can tone down the over-bearing, over-inflated, needing to be the star of the show with intense drive.
It can ALSO take the shy, weak-willed, low self-esteem to integrate a stronger will, showing up, allowing the self to shine in an enlightened way.

For those who know about chakras—the Third chakra, or will-center of the body, comes into play when working with Sunflower essence. Imbalanced can be the over-powering, inflated ego when it is imbalanced.  The other direction is the weak will and having a tough time asserting yourself.

The key is coming into harmony with your authentic balance.

My own blends of Flower Essences for different issues. They are all available. OR I will create a custom blend for you.  

Flower essences are made by gathering flowers from the plants without touching the flower, putting them into pure water and allowing the “essence,” or the energy of the flower, to infuse the water. The tincture is preserved with brandy.

Flower essences are much like homeopathic remedies.
The energy of the original substance is used to induce change, not the original substance itself.

One of my herbal teachers uses flower essences ALONGSIDE herbal medicine for his clients to provide healing on different levels.

Flower essences can be used as drops under the tongue, diluted in water and sipped, placed on wrists or lips, and I have used them in my salt baths (Olive for rejuvenation). They are safe for children, elderly, and pets.   I like to add Crab Apple flower essence to my cleaning: in the dilutions or the basin of my vacuum.

Flower essences can help with fear, anxiety, shock, loneliness, and confidence just to name a few.

If you would like a session to find YOUR best flower essences, contact me.

(Every time I type or read “essence,” I feel like a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal”.)

Comments and questions are welcome.

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