There is More to Energy Healing than Reiki

I’m a certified energy healer. I am NOT trained in Reiki. I am officially certified in Life Force Energy Healing. I do know about Reiki… and several other methods, too.

Today, I am sharing what I wish other energy healing practitioners would consider in their practice and education.

When I say I’m a certified energy medicine practitioner, it is automatically assumed “Reiki.”
Reiki has become the generalized term for energetic healing practices by many people.   (Kind of annoying.)

I love that energy work is embraced more and more. Reiki is but one of the many modalities of energy work and not energy healing as a whole.

Reiki is a good basic system. However, you can evolve beyond the Reiki symbols and having them in your aura can hold back development once you level up. At this point symbols can be removed.

Even speaking with trained Reiki practitioners and masters, they are dumbfounded when I share my modalities, being that they have never heard of them.

Fortunately, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is also gaining popularity.   Reiki and EFT are now being used in some allopathic care models.

Still, there is so much more to energy work.

What I wish practitioners knew.

I have learned about various practices, methods, modalities, groups, and systems in the energetic healing world.

There are so many!wailpaper-2111346_1920

I wish practitioners would take the time to learn an overview of a few other modalities. Let’s say: 3 at the very least. I wish they would make the attempt to learn about other available modalities. Google, YouTube—they are free.

They don’t have to PRACTICE them, but learn about them. Know what is out there.

Modalities of Energy Healing/Energy Medicine

Barbara Brennan was a scientist and used her abilities to create Brennan Healing Science, which is a foundation for the method I certified in.

Her book “Hands of Light” has been on the market for decades and is a classic guide and textbook to deepen healing arts.  Her method blends the hands-on system, spiritual and psychological aspects. It goes DEEP into what makes us, drives us and how to heal into living our purpose.
Go beyond chakras with the layers of the aura, characterology, the Hara, and the Core Star. Practitioners also work on high levels of the Human Energy Field.

Donna Eden is an energy medicine pioneer who took various traditional energy medicine models and created Eden Energy Medicine.   I love this modality for daily practice, stress relief, and giving clients “homework.” She addresses nine energy systems.

Deborah King is a master healer who made learning energy healing easy and modernized by use of technology. Her Life Force energy healing is a source of personal growth as well as learning to help others. She shares much of the foundations in Brennan Healing Science and methods learned in many years of her experiences.  (This is what I certified in.)

This blasted through the traditional models because you can do healing work with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Other notable methods are:
Tai Chi and Qui Gong,
Spring Forest Qi Gong-  Master Chunyi Lin (shares some aspects of Eden Energy Medicine),
Touch for Health,
Breath work,
Applied Kinesiology – Dr. George Goodheart (shares elements of Eden Energy Medicine and acupuncture),
Muscle testing,
Acupuncture (it directs energy in the meridians which has physical and mental/emotional effects),
Shamanic work,
Quantum healing,
Reconnective healing by Dr. Eric Pearl,
Sound healing,
Flower Essences (I call this one herbal energy medicine),
Crystal healing,
Cranio-Sacral Therapy… and there are more out there.

As you see, there are many options available.
Some may work better, depending on the individual seeking and on the practitioner.

Through my training, I was able to hone my natural aura-sensing abilities.
I have worked on high levels of the Human Energy Field, met guides and helpers that assist in healing, seen old injuries I was not told of beforehand, and worked remotely with people all over the world.

My training came from Deborah King in her program.
She utilized what she learned from Brennan Healing Science (Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light” book for more information)  and expanded that with the other modalities she trained in.
I have expanded

Currently, I offer:
-standard energy sessions
-Light Code Light Language energy sessions
-Essence Retrieval energy sessions
all by distance/remote.

I would be happy to consider you for distance Energy Healing. Interested people should see the Client Assessment Application. I screen to make sure we are a match.

ALSO, see Energy Work for more information how energy healing can benefit you.

Comments and questions are welcome.

If you would like a personal evaluation, assessment, wellness plan, finding herbs that are right for you, and coaching with me, send me a message on the Contact me page or see the Client Assessment Application. 

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2 thoughts on “There is More to Energy Healing than Reiki

  1. Ooh, nice! Thank you so very much for introducing us to the concept of reconnective healing and how we should utilize it to diminish any negative vibe within ourselves. My daughter just finished her final Master’s Degree thesis last week but she’s still affected by all the stress from making the document. I’ll advise her to consult a reliable practitioner really soon so she can rejuvenate her mind, body, and soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Managing the stress is very important. I do hope she finds a practitioner she connects with.


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