Why Use Nutritional Supplements and the Healing Frequency.

Supplements are everywhere.

You see countless ads about substances that can help you relieve that big pain and misery point you are dealing with.

The ads are boisterous and can feel sensationalized.

Will they work? More money spent on the flashy bottle of pills of the moment?
Then there are the Big Pharma-quack watchers-nay-sayer reports that vitamins, herbs, supplements don’t work.

They CAN work, but you need to find what is right for you.

We have different constitutions, make-ups, biological terrains, experiences, believes, problems, frequencies….

What works for one person may not work for another.

What I realized (and this seriously CHANGED how I view my practice, supplements, and coaching my people) is that every single vitamin, herb, and nutrient has a frequency that can help to entrain the discordant frequency of the presenting issue.

heart-66888_1920 (1)

Think about it this way:

Our body, health and energy field is a symphony.
Sometimes, the tune can go off in one section. This can be from a multitude of root causes.

It can be one instrument or an entire brass section. Maybe even multiple sections like brass and wind.

Bringing back the supplement speak:  Find out where the “off” sections are. It is more than just a symptom you want to stop.

An evaluation shows the areas that are most likely to be the root cause of the problem.

From there, supplements are recommended as appropriate.

We have a specific, harmonious frequency when we are in our health pattern.

When that pattern goes awry, then the pattern is distorted.  The flow is rough and choppy. And, this is where the easy flow starts to manifest symptoms [what is called dis-ease].

Every herb, vitamin, mineral, nutrient has its own natural pattern.

That pattern can be used to help balance our disrupted pattern. Deficiency, underactive, or overactive conditions can be balanced by selecting supplements aligned with balancing the disharmonious frequency.

Really tuning in to WHAT is the ROOT cause can give many clues as to what the right nutrient or supplement will help the frequency more so than selecting supplements “for” symptom profiles.

A particular vitamin, herb, glandular extract, mineral, oil carries information. A pattern, a note, a color…

In a training, one of my favorite herbal teachers, Steven Horne, spoke of frequency. He said there is a device that carries sound to sand grains. The grains move to the sound vibration and will pattern themselves in ways you see in nature, such as flower petals.

One piece of the wellness puzzle.

Adding supplements (vitamins, herbs, etc.) is JUST ONE aspect of a wellness plan.

It is diet, mind, emotions, lifestyle…. The WHOLE person – this is the foundation for holistic functional healing models.

I highly recommend getting guidance from a skilled practitioner that can help you zero in on the root cause and help guide you through the wellness process.

Comments and questions are welcome.

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