How to use Homeopathic Remedies to Relieve Mosquito Bites

In this post, I am covering homeopathic remedies and flower essences that worked for me.
Keep in mind, everyone is biochemically different.

In July 2020, I came across this by accident after having the obnoxious itching from a large number of mosquito bites. I have the itching for about a week.  Yeah… I should have put my anti-bug juice spritz on beforehand.

Every time I get the bites, I go through my toolbox of remedies.
Lavender essential oil. Clove essential oil. Tea tree oil.

I used apple cider vinegar, undiluted, dab/rubbed on the bites to calm them down and act as an astringent.

This did OK.    Seemed to help the inflammation.

An intuitive hunch came to me. I have many flower essences. Flower essences are herbal energy medicine.
So, I looked though my materials to refresh my mind.

Here’s what I came up with:

Bach Remedies Rescue Remedy— addresses trauma, shock, and stress. Helps restore calm. Used with anxiety, stress, or needing to cope.
Crab Apple Flower Essence—this one is typically used where you feel out of sorts with your physical body, feel unclean, obsessed with cleanliness, self-disgust, being ashamed of any physical attribute, and has a strong affinity for the skin. Used with bruises, scratches, sunburn, and injury.

Together, they aid healing trauma of bites on the skin.

Drops can be applied directly to the area. Drops can be taken under the tongue. Or, they can be added to 2 ounces of water and sipped.  [talk about dosage]

For the homeopathic remedy, I used Sulphur 30X.
Sulphur  indicated to help with rashes, psoriasis, eczema.

The itching subsided quicker than expected. The welts calmed down and started to heal and fade faster as well.

Totally coincidental, lucky break—right?

A few weeks later, I am out trimming branches in my yard and in the field at 7-8pm in the evening. I was not expecting any bites since there was adequate daylight. A day later (when the results of the bites show up), I had 8 mosquito bites on my legs. I did not use my anti-bug juice spritz again.
That’s okay though; it gave me an experiment test subject.

As soon as the welts begin forming and itching, I applied the apple cider vinegar.
I started the Rescue Remedy & Crab Apple flower essences and the Sulphur 30X pellets.

For Flower Essences:
 I put 4 drops of Rescue Remedy and 4 crops of Crab Apple in 2 oz. water (I have a designated flower essence amber bottle that holds 2 oz.) and sipped it frequently. I like to swirl my bottle clockwise a few times to mix the essences and water.

With flower essences, you won’t increase the drops. You can take sips of the water more often. If you run out, make up another water and essence mixture as needed.  I did rub some onto the bites to help the stress and trauma expressed through the reaction to the bite.

For Homeopathic Remedies:  For acute cases, you can take a dose of recommended pellets every 15 minutes for about an hour to alleviate symptoms that are intense.  You can take hourly doses after that, or if the symptoms are not intense.
Average dose would be about 3 times per day.  I took Sulphur every few hours and got the relief and healing described.

When taking homeopathic remedies, take them away from food, coffee, mint (toothpaste, mouth wash) or strong flavors. These counteract the remedy.

Sulphur is what worked for me. There are other remedies which may work depending on signs and symptoms. For example, Ledum is indicated for insect and mosquito bites, but indicators are different.

The itching only lasted 1 day, maybe into a portion of the next day, before symptoms eased. A few more days and the bite areas turned very red in color, yet flat—this is how I heal from mosquito bites, another few days and the areas are pink.

As I write this, the bites are a faint pink. It has been 9 days from being outside trimming and 8 days from the bite areas showing.

This may not seem like exciting news to many. But, past summers had the mosquito bite areas lingering for several weeks.
This is my formula to alleviate the reaction to bites and speed healing.

Prevention is best.
Apply your anti-bug spritzes. And, if you don’t or if the mosquitoes are hungry enough to break through your shield, the formula here may help.

Comments and questions are welcome.

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